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EDM2014 Video

EDM2014 Video is a standalone videoplayer, and part of the upcomming EDM2014
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15 October 2014

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This is a video player.

This latest version is a completely re-written version of the earlier product. The rewrite aims to make it completely reliable and very fast. A good video player should typically be one that comes with all the needed codecs built-in. There should not be any need for finding and downloading codecs. It should be able to play all the generally popular video formats. It should be easy to use of course. This tool offers you all of these. It can play all formats without the need for any more codecs to be downloaded. This tool is very easy to use, and the GUI is quite intuitive. Most users should not find any problems at all to start using the tool. This tool also acts as a Torrent search/download tool and is able to automatically unpack RAR or ZIP subtitle files. It can search for available sub-title, if any.

You can create single snapshots for identification of the video files. There are lots of adjustments available. Brightness, saturation and hue have slider controls for easy manipulation. Keyboard shortcuts are available for several controls. Among the many options and settings, things included are deinterlacing, unsharp, smartblur, and gradfun. Watermark, vertical and horizontal flips are available too. Edit options like simulate sepia tones, noise reduction, grayscale, etc. can make the movies quite interesting. Drag and drop features are supported to make it easy to operate. The playlist created can accommodate video, audio and pictures. This tool includes a burner that offers simple burning functions. It is a complete freeware and there are no additional software that need to be downloaded. This is a very good product.

Publisher's description

EDM2014 Video is a standalone videoplayer, and part of the upcomming EDM2014. It is a lightening fast and reliable videoplayer without the need of any external codecs. Also a Torrent search/download tool and automatic unpacking of .rar or .zip subtitle files. Just drag/drop the subtitle file onto the player. The player is fully portable, and supports almost all known movie file formats out of the box. It comes in several languages, and with lots of useful options and settings. This is a easy and fast player for everyone. Now with playlist option and enhanced Video quality.
EDM2014 Video
EDM2014 Video
Version 3.0.12
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